Mug Printing

Our mugs are printed using full colour Sublimation Print technology allowing you to print logos, text and photographs.
We use a superior sublimation coat from our manufacturers ensuring a high quality and long lasting print.
The mugs are nice and strong, and come with a variety of finishes to the inside, rim and handle.
We can also print onto colour changing mugs which turn black when cold and reveal the design when containing a warm brew.

PRICE: £3.50 per mug with no minimum order.

How It Works
Our mugs are printed full colour using Sublimation Print technology.
Using special dyes we print in CMYK onto transfer paper. The transfer paper is wrapped around the mug and put into a press using prolonged heat and pressure to embed the design onto the mug.
The heat turns the dye into a gas which then settles onto the special sublimation coating on the mug, and embeds within it.
It does not leave a painted layer and cannot be scratched or washed away. Only damage to the mug will damage the print.

We can only print on our mugs specifically coated for printing.

Sublimation is a permanent printing method and will not wash away.
Avoid leaving for long periods in UV light to prevent bleaching and fading.

For best results handwash in warm water.
Do not clean in a dishwasher.

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