Screen Printing

We have one of our rooms in our studio just for Screen Printing

PRICE: £0.50-£2.00 per side.

How It Works
We create a screen using light sensitive photo emulsion and a transparency of each colour for your design.
We then place the screen or screens on our 4 colour carousel, and use a squeegee to push the ink through the screen onto the garment.
If the material used can withstand heat, the garment is then placed under our flash dryer and sealed in the heatpress to prevent the ink from washing or fading.

The screens take 1-2 days to prepare and there are material costs which means there is a set up charge of £30 per colour per design so it is only recommended for long runs.
We can print upto 4 colours but only standard coloured inks.

Screenprinting has excellent durability.
Frequent damage to screenprints is cracking, usually caused by incorrect washing, age and stretching.
Typically we'd expect you to get at least a years worth of frequent use before the screen shows any signs of age.

We recommend a 40 degree wash.
Turn the garment inside out whilst washing where possible to prevent damage caused by rubbing against other garments.
If using the tumble dryer use LOW HEAT only and ensure the dryer is not overfilled to prevent shrinking and fading.
Avoid over drying the garment, it is best to remove whilst slightly damp and to allow to dry naturally.
If ironing please ensure the garment is ironed inside out or there's a cloth between the garment and the iron.
Do not use chlorine cleaning products or bleach.
Do not dry clean.

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