T-shirt Vinyl

We have used T-shirt Vinyl on our t-shirts for years. In this time we have found the best vinyl manufacturers for a long lasting design.

PRICE: £2-4 per side depending on colours with no minimum order.

How It Works
Vinyl is a tricky process, it comes on large rolls and the design is cut into the film. We have 7 high quality vinyl cutters in our studio just for cutting the vinyl for our daily orders.
It is then "weeded" by the team, which involves carefully removing the sections of vinyl that aren't needed.
The final step is to heat the vinyl onto the tshirt using a professional quality heatpress to ensure the correct temperature, pressure and time is set for the perfect finish.
If the design is more than 1 colour the extra colours are individually pressed on top of each other.

Garment Vinyl can only be used on fabrics that will withstand a lot of heat. Typically Polyester, Cotton or Poly Blends.
Nylon will melt with the heat required for standard T-shirt Vinyl, however it is possible to get a handful of colours of high quality Nylon Vinyl which will print at a lower temperature.
We recommend using Nylon Vinyl if there's a concern with materials or waterproof coating on garments.
Wool and Acrylic distort and stretch in the heat and are not suitable for vinyl printing.
Garments with High Lycra content will often react to the heat, leaving dark marks and losing all stretch in the affected areas.
Fleece and woolen fabrics react to the heat and will leave dark marks or show melting where the heat has been applied and are not suitable for any heat printing.
Ribbed or Lycra blends provide stretch to the garment and require a special stretch vinyl for printing. The stretch vinyl will move with the garment, standard vinyl will eventually pull and peel off.

If the fabric will not withstand the heat of the press the only other printing options available are Embroidery or Screen Printing.

The vinyl we use is crack proof, and long lasting.
Damage to vinyl is most often caused by incorrect washing (see below).
Typically we'd expect you to get at least a years worth of frequent use before the vinyl shows any signs of age.

We recommend a 40 degree wash.
Turn the garment inside out whilst washing where possible to prevent damage caused by rubbing against other garments.
If using the tumble dryer use LOW HEAT only and ensure the dryer is not overfilled to prevent damage or wrinkling.
Avoid over drying the garment, it is best to remove whilst slightly damp and to allow to dry naturally.
If ironing please ensure the garment is ironed inside out or there's a cloth between the garment and the iron to prevent melting the vinyl.
Do not use chlorine cleaning products or bleach.
Do not dry clean.

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